Corporate & Academic Partnership – DeepM Support Program

Support for researchers at universities, hospitals, and other academic research institutions around the world to discover new drugs.

About DeepM Support Program

The goal of DeepM Support program is to broaden the pool of scientists involved in the discovery of small molecules for the treatment and investigation of human disease. DeepM includes two forms of support, DeepM Virtual Screening and DeepM Secondary Screening, you can apply for either.

Hit Discovery

Reverse Screening

Lead Optimization

Repurposing Medicines


DeepM Virtual Screening Support

The DeepM virtual screening is designed to dramatically accelerate the race towards life-saving drugs by testing millions of compounds for any protein target of interest. We can work on hardest target and perform virtual screening for your project with millions of molecles and discovery novo molecules for your target.

We Provide Our Partners with:

  • Customized small molecule virtual screen using Deep Molecule technology

  • Iterative rounda of design, filtering and optimization

  • Upwards of 100,000,000 molecules/target screening

  • 72 small molecules predicted to bind to a specific target protein

  • Additional small molecules and support if criteria are met

DeepM Secondary Screening Support

DeepM Secondary Screening is design to support researchers with provided molecules, and rank the binding affinity of molecules to specific protein target using our AI technology. We can work on hardest target and perform molecules analysis ( up to 1000 ) with unprecedented speed; this program can be used for lead optimization and repurposing medicines.

We Provide Our Partners with:

  • Up to 1000 small molecules ranking to specific target

  • Obtain results within two weeks if application is approved and files requied is prepared.

Deep Molecule


What types of applications are likely to get approved?

Project topics can be in any area, including agriculture, animal health, biotechnology, human biology, medicine, microbiology, plant biology, and virology. Highly suitable projects for both DeepM Virtual Screening support and DeepM Molecule Ranking support will have: a target protein with an X-ray crystal structure and an identified site for the chemical compounds to bind; an establish assay(s) that can test at least compounds submitted, directly measure protein function or ctivity and measure IC50, EC50, Ki, Kd or equivalent.

What are the terms around intellectual property (IP) created in the project?

Each party owns their own solely created IP, and both parties will own any jointly created IP. Deep Molecule understands that universities and/or researchers may have different needs around IP, and we are happy to discuss this with you.

How long does it take to fill out an application?

Most researchers complete the application in less than an hour.

Can I apply as a graduate student or post-doc?

Yes, provided you have a professor supporting the project.

Do I need to sign the research agreement before I apply?

No. Only after your application are approved, we will reach out to your technology transfer office to work out the agreement.

Will you share the information in my application with others?

No, we will not share your application with a third party.

Could Deep Molecule work on the same target with other researcher(s)?

Deep Molecule works with a large number of researchers, so we’re unable to provide exclusivity around a submitted target. We don’t use confidential information from one project in any other project.


Apply DeepM Support Program Now

Application Process

DeepM is a streamlined program, you can apply ethier DeepM Virtual Screening support or DeepM Secondary Screening at any time. Short applications are submitted via, No preliminary data is required!

Resources & More Information about the DeepM Virtual Screening Support

DeepM Virtual Screening Application : DOC

Resources & More Information about the DeepM Secondary Screening Support

DeepM Secondary Screening Application : DOC

Terms and conditions : PDF

Please submit your applicaiton file via: