Intelligent Drug Discovery

We help our partners develop better medicines more efficiently.


Our mission is to make better drugs available to all – more efficiently than ever before.


Precise Prediction

Our structure-based virtual screening DeepMol can achieve or even exceed the accuracy of the experiment. The AUC of DeepMol on the benchmark of DUD-E is greater than 0.92, and the accuracy of 300+protein outside DUD-E exceeds 0.86.

Tackling hardest cases

Tackling Hardest Cases

We can work on the hardest targets including previously undrugged proteins with high-confidence results.

Deep Learning Super Fast

Super Fast

Speed of our structure-based virtual screening reached an average of 1350 pairs(protein-molecule pair)/s or 116 million compounds each day;which is 100x+ faster than ultra high throughput screening.

Deep Molecule Innovation

Innovative Solution

Our DeepNovo and DeepMol platform can work together and produce novel and drugable small molecules beyond human experience


We provide comprehensive drug discovery AI solutions for universities and biotechnology companies